Sofia Helsinki

A meeting place for people, trade, exchanging ideas and facilitating life.

Coworking premises, restaurant and event services

The complex, slowly being shaped in the 18th and 19th centuries, has from its beginnings been a meeting place for people, trade, exchanging ideas and facilitating life. It has given the people and merchants of the city a centrally located spaces to meet and fulfil their dreams. This has always been the spirit of this place, and that’s the way we want to keep it – tuned with a 2020’s twist.

Innovations, synergy and cinnamon rolls

When you enter the restaurant hall, you can feel the spirit of the past and bazaar-like atmosphere. Stockmanns’s first department store was located here. Sofia’s nearly tangible atmosphere from the history makes it a good focal point for local and international intellectuals, entrepreneurs, celebrations and business events even today.

The coworking premises, restaurant and event services of Sofia Helsinki create a unique community, ready to be enjoyed by professionals, experts and all interested and interesting people. At Sofia, it is easy to arrange a meeting that provides all you need – with professional quality.

The members of our community, our guests and staff, are at the focus of Sofia Helsinki. Our goal is to make every visitor be at an even better mood after a visit to us.

History of Sofia

The Kiseleff house, built in 1771, and the extension to Stockmann department store, built from 1912 to 1913, together form a splendid complex, where 250 years of active past can be felt to inspire you towards building a new future.