Sofia Ravintola

Sofia Restaurant

Aleksanterinkatu 28, 00170 Helsinki (entrance also Unioninkatu 27)

Open daily 8-17, lunch 11.00-14.30

Lunch 12,80 €

Served with freshly baked bread




Sage marinated corn chicken breast with fresh herbs M, G

Roasted eggplant with crispy tofu crumble and fresh herbs V, G


Served with creek salad, tzatziki and sage potatoes

(Ask for vegan/lactose free option)



Sea salmon with fennel yoghurt sauce L, G

Fried cauliflower, soy beans and citrus vinaigrette V, G


Served with chargrilled celeriac with celery puree and fennel dill salad L, G

(Ask for vegan option)



Rendang from Finnish beef M, G

Crispy Tempe with lemongrass sauce V, G


Served with jasmine rice, roasted butternut squash and broccoli V, G



Pike rissoles with fermented carlic sauce L, G

Roasted zucchini, crispy chickpeas with fermented carlic sauce V, G


Served with fresh zucchini salad, peas and barley pearls V

(Ask for gluten free option)



Fried chicken tight with miso curry M, G 

Roasted organic tofu with miso curry V, G


Served with sushi rice, roasted cauliflower and baked snow pea V, G