Arrange an unforgettable celebration at Sofia

Your celebration at Sofia is our pride and joy, a part of history spanning 250 years.

Important celebrations

An event is the moment when something changes. At Sofia we understand that an event is a very special moment for you and your community. Celebrations, weddings, staff parties, an once-in-a-lifetime concert for your grandmother, christening a baby, a cocktail hour with friends or a memorial service of your deceased loved one – we can provide the premises, catering and expertise that will make your event an unforgettable one.

Christmas party

Jingle bells! 

Christmas parties are so much fun. Preparing for the party, sit and talk together, eat, sing, be merry, enjoy, dance and have fun in the best company.

Moments of joy are always welcome!

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Project completion party

The great premises of Sofia will provide you with the perfect environment for celebrating the end of a task. Our experience with these special events will help you concentrate on the celebration and your friends.

Our professional and friendly staff will prepare a delicious meal and will make sure that food and atmosphere of the evening will also be unforgettable.


A celebration is always for the guests. On an anniversary it is always important to remember those that made you what you are. To thank for the common past and especially to plan the future. After a good celebration, the guests will leave with new thoughts and ideas, thankful for enjoying the best evening. Each celebration will be made with 250 years of experience and knowing that at that moment in the world you and your guests are living in just that moment. Let’s make that a great moment!

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Do you want to be free of worrying, enjoying quality in good mood on your most important day? Or are you interested in a wedding in a great Empire style milieu in the heart of Helsinki?

Arranging the wedding at Sofia will bring a touch of history to the wedding day. Sofia is located near the Cathedral, in the most culturally and historically valuable environment of Helsinki. The unique premises, protected by the Finnish Heritage Agency, are furnished with high-quality, modern Scandinavian design.

With the help of an experienced wedding planner all wishes of the happy pair can be fulfilled. You can trust us and concentrate on the party, the guests and your loved one!


At Sofia’s Celebration Cellar your celebration can be laid-back or more formal. It’s your decision.

The Celebration Cellar is an atmospheric and comfortable space in the Market Square blocks, opposite the Cathedral. If you feel like you haven’t had enough partying yet, places to continue the party until the small hours are not far away. The Celebration Cellar features seats for 25 persons, sound system for background music and a screen, if necessary.

Theme parties

Sometimes it’s good to let your hair down. It’s not about running naked to the statue of Havis Amanda, it’s about freeing oneself from the everyday chores by playing a bit and participating together a new situation. Costume party, dance party, agent party, the 20’s, Halloween, twerk party, cowboyland, pyjama party, Saturday Night Fever, Marie Antoinette party or whatever you rocks your boat will give your guests the permission to have fun already before the party. We will live with your party and Sofia, a place with character, will suit different themes easily and with style.


O you new graduate!
You have worked long and hard – now is the time to party!

Arrange a carefree celebration and reward the new graduate for their splendid achievement.
At Sofia you will celebrate your graduation day in a beautiful environment in your own cabinet, with delicious food and drinks. We have thought all this and prepared a beautiful cabinet for you.

Price 49,- / person, including premises and catering.
(Price includes VAT)

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An evening together

“Hey, I’d love to get the old crew together and spend an evening with them.” 

“Great idea, where should be we go?” 

“They say there are many nice places at Sofia, with many sizes, and the going is delicious!” 

You have a community, association, class, university students or some other group you belong to and would like to have some time together. Call us first. We’ll find you a solution that is easy to arrange. It is absolutely great to meet with mice people and to spend a nice evening together.

Seasonal parties

Traditionally celebrations have been divided into seasons connected with time of the year, celestial movements, religional celebrations, agriculture, availability of foodstuffs and much more. There are also local celebrations, global theme days, reminiscence days etc. All of these have earned their place in the tradition of celebration and gathering together, and they can well be celebrated by collecting together people to meet and enjoy the moment as a part of a wider cultural experience. Christmas party, St. Patrick’s Day, Oktoberfest, crab party, asparagus party, independence day, new year, May 1st, start of summer season and so many others as well. It might be a good idea to think whether you or your company do have an own significant time that you would like to share with friends. So let’s get things moving.

The premises at Sofia

The historical environment, elegant interior and the newest technology are integrated to form an interesting and seamless total experience at Sofia’s cabinets and meeting rooms. The elegant premises, protected by the Finnish Heritage Agency, can be adapted to accommodate lecture days, quick breakfast meetings, celebration dinners and private occasions. At Sofia you will find suitable places for events of all sizes. And if your event is in need of something to eat, nothing is easier than ordering catering from Sofia’s restaurant.

Covid-19 – It's safe to visit Sofia

NOTE! We at Sofia take corona limitations and instructions to heart in everything we do. Sofia’s open spaces ensure the possibility of social distancing. Catering for meetings and events are also taken care of in a way that your event  is a success even in these trying times.

You’re welcome to see for yourself

We are proud and happy about Sofia. We’d love to show you around this wonderful place.